Seminars and Pop-Up Courses

USD’s Humanities Center features short courses on topics of current interest that align with the Center’s mission and goals. Interdisciplinary courses that connect the humanities to other areas of study are especially encouraged. Faculty typically offer these courses in a seminar format to small groups of 12 to 20 students.

Most Humanities Center courses are offered for 1 unit on a P/F only basis, but other options are possible. Humanities Center seminar classes usually are scheduled at least six months in advance. Pop-up courses on especially timely topics may be offered with much shorter lead times.

Guidelines for Humanities Center seminar and pop-up courses are available for download. Questions should be sent to Ron Kaufmann at

Seminars and Pop-up Courses

Spring 2020

The Wicked and the Divine

  • B. Clack, Humanities Center
  • R. Lindsay, Humanities Center

Mathematics and Knitting

  • J. Friedman, Mathematics

The Human Side of Medicine

  • L. Savett, Humanities Center

Death Valley and the Natural Sublime

  • B. O'Shea, Environmental and Ocean Sciences
  • B. Clack, Philosophy


Fall 2019

Homelessness in the United States

  • K. DeConinck, Theology & Religious Studies
  • M. Williams, Political Science & International Relations

I Am The Lizard King, I Can Do Anything: Jim Morrison, Mark Edmundson, and Twenty-First Century Self-Reliance

  • J. Hall, English

Global Ecocinema: Theory and Practice

  • H. Holtzman, postdoctoral fellow in Critical Technology Studies for the Humanities Center

International Art Law Introduction

  • H. Lazerow, School of Law
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