Knapp Chair of Liberal Arts

The Knapp Chair of Liberal Arts was established in 1995. Three distinguished scholars are appointed annually by the Dean from three divisional areas: Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Social Sciences. The Knapp Chairs contribute to the vitality and centrality of liberal arts in the College by teaching and interacting with students, collaborating with faculty, and presenting public lectures that engage our campus community in confronting humanity’s urgent challenges.

Knapp Chairs give a public lecture during their residency, which is recorded and posted online. Faculty and students may nominate a Knapp Chair of Liberal Arts.

2018-19 Knapp Chairs

Social Sciences

Erika Doss, PhD

Professor of American Studies, University of Notre


Arts and Humanities

Melissa Farley, PhD

Founder and Director, Prostitution Research and Education


Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Linda Boland, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology, University of Richmond

  • 2017-18 Knapp Chairs
  • 2016-17 Knapp Chairs