Faculty Interdisciplinary Startup (FIRSt) Grants

The Humanities Center welcomes proposals for collaborative faculty-student research advancing the humanities. The FIRSt Grant program awards up to $5,000 for the academic year to each of three faculty-student teams to develop collaborative research projects involving undergraduates and strongly engaging the humanities.



  • 150-word abstract
  • A proposal in .pdf format (without an abstract), not to exceed 3 pages, single-spaced, including selected references (approximately 1800 words)
  • Abbreviated 1-page CVs for each member of the collaborative group (can be a short bio for students who do not have a CV or resume)
  • List of most recent FRGs for all faculty members


  • All full-time, tenure-track, full-time adjunct faculty, and professors of practice are eligible to participate in FIRSt
  • All concurrently enrolled undergraduate students in any major or academic unit are eligible to participate in FIRSt
  • FIRSt groups must include a minimum of 2 faculty and 1 undergraduate student, but are encouraged to have slightly larger (but manageable) membership.
  • Proposals need to include all “elements of a proposal” to be eligible. See below.
  • Any or all members of the FIRSt group are encouraged to apply for external sources of funding. Outside grants will not reduce or increase the chances of receiving a FIRSt
  • Members can only officially participate in one FIRSt group in the same academic year.
  • Preference will be given to the most meritorious proposals. However, when merit of proposals is considered equal, preference will be given to FIRSt groups with the most humanities faculty members and students.


1.    Project Description

  • State your overarching research question and introduce your collaborative activities.
  • Why are you interested in this?
  • How does your project engage interdisciplinary humanities and relate to research, scholarly activities, and/or creative work?
  • Why is your collaboration and collaborative project significant?

2.   Project Plan

  • What are your two-semester goals and how will they be accomplished? Provide a timeline.
  • Provide a detailed budget with a brief explanation of the importance of each expenditure to the success of the project.
  • If the project is part of a larger whole or wholes, provide detailed descriptions of the larger project(s), and describe how FIRSt fits into the whole.
  • How will you disseminate, communicate, or perform the results of your group’s work?

3.   Project Trajectory

  • Demonstrate a strong collaborative research agenda.
  • Explain how this project fits into a larger trajectory.
  • If your group is establishing a new research agenda, including seeking outside funding, explain the situation and your overall plan. 


Review Procedures

The review committee is composed of the Humanities Center leadership, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and two additional faculty members.

How to Apply

Complete an online application.

Due Date

Friday, April 24, 2020


Contact Information

For questions or further information about the Faculty Interdisciplinary Startup (FIRSt) Grants, please contact:

Dr. Jesse Mills, Humanities Center at Extension 7740 or jessemills@sandiego.edu