Collaborative Research Group Grants

The Humanities Center welcomes proposals from collaborative research groups, with the purpose of encouraging research collaboration among faculty and students to advance interdisciplinary activities involving the humanities at USD. Grants are non-competitive and are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited funding is available, and at least one grant will be reserved for a qualifying request in each of three categories: faculty only, student only, and faculty-student together. 


A proposal is to be a simple memo or email message directed to the contact person (see below) and should


  1. A clear statement of the group’s theme or research question
  2. A description of how this project will advance interdisciplinarity involving the humanities
  3. A list of group membership and clear identification of one of the following categories: faculty only, student only, and faculty-student together
  4. A brief description of the proposed group activities
  5. A general timeline for the project
  6. A proposed budget, including a brief explanation of anticipated costs
  7. A list of collaborative research grants received in the past by group members from sources internal to USD

 The response time for review of proposals is rapid (less than one week). 

Proposal Criteria

Qualifying proposals include a complete memo/email addressing the seven items above and meet the following requirements:  

  • A minimum of 3 members
  • No members who have received collaborative research grants totaling more than $500 in the same academic year 

Funding Available

Typical awards will not exceed $500, though larger amounts may be requested. 


How to Apply

Complete an online application.

Due Date

Proposals are received on an ongoing basis throughout the academic year until the money is depleted.

Contact Information

For questions or further information about the Collaborative Research Group Grants, please contact:

Dr. Jesse Mills, Humanities Center at Extension 7740 or