Humanities Center

USD's Humanities Center is dedicated to the exploration of the human condition and the limitless ways in which human beings understand and interact with our world.

Dr. Brian R. Clack, A. Vassiliadis Director of the Humanities Center, shares his thoughts about the importance of the humanities during this time.

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Ways to Stay Connected to the Humanities Center

Collaborative Research Humanities Collaborative Research Promoting student-faculty-community partnerships
Digital Humanities Digital Humanities Uniting humanities scholarship with accessible technologies
Interdisciplinary Curriculum Interdisciplinary Curriculum Supporting innovative curricular projects
Public Humanities Public Humanities Establishing humanities-based partnerships with our community neighbors

Details of the Humanities Center at USD:

Collaborative Research

The collaborative research element aims to initiate, convene and promote exceptional opportunities for student-faculty-community partnerships centered on relevant humanities issues. Activities range broadly from short-term learning occasions to more ambitious and longer-term projects (such as exhibitions, reading groups and symposia). | Knapp Chair of Liberal Arts

Digital Humanities

Digital humanities is a highly collaborative field of scholarship and pedagogy that blends new technologies with rigorous humanities scholarship. Goals of the digital humanities element fall into three overlapping categories: faculty development; project development; and pedagogy/curriculum development. 

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

The interdisciplinary curriculum element is dedicated to the development of mechanisms encouraging and fostering novel cooperation involving the humanities and other disciplines/schools within the University of San Diego. The Humanities Center functions as an incubating hatchery, in which interdisciplinary majors, minors and courses, team-taught classes and course clusters are envisaged, nurtured and brought to fruition. 

Public Humanities

The Humanities Center provides opportunities for USD not only to organize and coordinate liberal arts initiatives and programs for our campus community, but also to establish partnerships with the broader San Diego community and beyond. In this manner, the Center is engaged in the practice of what is known as “public humanities,” the meeting point of engagement and humanistic study, and manifests its commitment to ensuring the accessibility of the humanities to our wider community. | Illume Speaker Series | Spring 2021 Calendar of Events

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