Why Study History at USD?

Civic Engagement

The History Major is excellent preparation for informed global citizenship. History students quickly realize that the study of the past is an extraordinary window on the present moment. History provides tool for identifying and understanding issues of pressing concern. Furthermore, the study of past social movements can guide and inspire us as we work with others to make positive change in our communities.

Engaging Courses

Rather than passive memorization, students in USD history classes are active learners who continually hone their critical thinking, writing, public speaking, and research skills. Our exciting, engaging classes cover the globe (from Africa to East Asia to San Diego) and address all historical periods (from the ancient world to the current moment).

Career Preparation

USD history grads possess the skills that many employers seek. History grads can write well, think critically, absorb complicated new information quickly, research, and speak articulately in public settings. In a fast-paced workplace, these skills and the ability to teach yourself new competencies and reinvent yourself is far more valuable than narrow technical knowledge. USD history majors have gone on to become successful lawyers, CEOs of corporations, accountants, non-profit managers, internet entrepreneurs, Navy pilots, civil servants, pharmaceutical researchers, medical doctors and dentists, investment bankers, winemakers, television producers, authors, teachers, and much more. Some of our graduates even become professional historians!

Student Research

Students have access to faculty who are conducting important research in their fields. In the history major, students work closely with faculty and learn how to conduct their own original historical research. During their senior year, students work closely with faculty mentors and research and write an original senior thesis that contributes to our understanding of the past. This is a résumé-building experience that can lead to acceptance in a top graduate or law program as well as preparation for a host of meaningful careers.