Internships (HIST 498) and Independent Study (HIST 499)


Did you know that you can work at a local history museum and earn history credit? Working out in the field with one of our partners will teach you to think differently about the past, and who knows, perhaps it will lead to a career.

Community partners include:

The San Diego History Center

Lambda Archives

The Marine Corps Recruit Depot 

Caltrans District 11

Maritime Museum 

Internships for 3 units require 120 hours; 2 units require 80 hours; 1 unit requires 40 hours. All students must complete a 2-3 page paper summarizing activities. In conjunction with the supervisor and the internship coordinator, students must complete a poster demonstrating how they solved or might solve a pubic history problem encountered on site. Your performance during the semester will also be evaluated by your on-site supervisor. 

If you would like to take an internship for credit, you must fill out the Application for Internship and meet with the internship coordinator for an interview. 


Independent Study

An Independent Study is an opportunity for advanced history students to work one-on-one with a faculty member.  Independent Studies can be taken for 1, 2, or 3 units.

An Independent Study can center on a narrow line of research that is of interest to the student. Working with the faculty member, the student compiles a reading list and designs a research project. Typically, meetings are held once a week throughout the semester. 

Sometimes students work on a faculty research project. Students might compile annotated bibliographies, comb through primary sources, and track down images. 

If you are interested in an Independent Study, you must find a faculty member who agrees to work with you. You must also complete the Application for Independent Study.