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The History Club at USD brings together History majors, minors, History graduate students, prospective majors or minors, alumni, faculty and students, and anyone interested in the study of history. The organization puts together fun activities—formal and informal—that build a sense of a community and promote history at USD. It organizes excursions, speakers, film screenings, events around various history months, academic panel discussions and guest lectures, social gatherings and further dialogue between faculty and students. It may also act as informal resource and support network for history students, e.g. by facilitating the sharing of advice, helping history students find resources, connect to the alumni community and organizing graduate school or job application workshops focused on the skills and resources you bring as a history major/minor.

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Note: Students can be a member of both the History Club and History Honors Society

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Ryan Abrecht, PhD
Faculty Advisor

Rachel Steinheiser

National History Club

The College of Arts and Sciences supports the National History Club, a non-profit, US-wide umbrella organization of history clubs which aims to build the reading, research, communication and other skills students need to become competent citizens and leaders by inspiring large numbers of students to implement and participate in history-related programs. Members of local history club chapters (such as USD History Club) support and participate in regional and national history-related programs, including at middle school, college and community levels. The NHC also provides chapters with resources and services that will help them increase the activity and impact of their history club and history honors society.