Students frequently say that while they love history, they are not sure what a history degree will do for them after graduation. 

The good news is that USD history grads possess the skills that many employers seek. History grads can write well, think critically, absorb complicated new information quickly, research, and speak articulately in public settings. In a fast-paced workplace, these skills and the ability to teach yourself new competencies and reinvent yourself is far more valuable than narrow technical knowledge. 

History is also excellent preparation for graduate school. Nationally, history majors score highly on the LSAT (to get into Law School); the GMAT (to get into Business School); and even the MCAT (to get into Medical School). 

USD history majors have gone on to become successful lawyers, CEOs of corporations, accountants, non-profit managers, internet entrepreneurs, Navy pilots, civil servants, pharmaceutical researchers, medical doctors and dentists, investment bankers, winemakers, television producers, authors, teachers, and much more. Some of our graduates even become professional historians!

If you are interested in what you can do with your history major, be sure to talk with your advisor. Also visit the USD Career Development Center.