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Our faculty and students in the College of Arts and Sciences are at the core of the university’s interdisciplinary efforts in sustainability. Faculty teach courses covering a wide range of issues related to sustainabilityranging from the interconnections of faith and the environment, to environmental ethics and justice, to climate change.  Faculty scholarship within sustainability ranges across the liberal arts spectrum and encompasses the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

Students engage in sustainability efforts and training at multiple levels from community service activities (such as beach cleanup) to clubs (Totally Radical Environmental Enthusiasts, or TREE) to individual courses (Environmental Ethics or American Environmental History) to minoring or majoring in Environmental Studies.  Furthermore, students are active participants in research efforts related to sustainability including projects on ‘green’ plastics, chemical and ecological effects of pollution, conservation of threatened species, and effects of global warming on weather patterns and icebergs.

Be Blue Go Green