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Kappa Gamma Pi

Kappa Gamma Pi is the national Catholic college graduate honor society. Members are graduates who have demonstrated academic excellence and outstanding service and leadership during their college years. As candidates, they pledge to continue to provide examples of scholarship, leadership, and service in their personal and professional lives. This commitment is the difference that distinguishes nomination to Kappa Gamma Pi as one of the most relevant and prestigious awards on campus. Kappa Gamma Pi was founded in 1926 at the National Catholic Educational Association Conference of Catholic Colleges. Today, more than 41,000 graduates of 139 Catholic colleges are Kappa Gamma Pi members. They live throughout the United States and in many foreign countries. Their successful lives and careers exemplify outstanding leadership and service in church, profession, and community. Kappa Gamma Pi has members from the first graduating classes of USD to the present. These members are Catholic men and women as well as men and women of other faith communities. In January, graduating seniors who have a GPA of 3.5 or above receive a letter from the Provost informing them that they are qualified by reason of their academic achievement to apply for membership in Kappa Gamma Pi. If they have exemplified outstanding leadership and service during their years at USD, they are encouraged to submit a letter of recommendation and an essay to the selection committee. Kappa Gamma Pi sponsors the St. Catherine Medal, awarded at the Honors Convocation, for outstanding leadership and service as well as the Cornaro Scholarship for members of Kappa Gamma Pi pursuing graduate studies. Currently, the Cornaro Scholarship is $3,000.