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Make a GiftWhy Give?

What are your reasons for giving? In the College of Arts and Sciences, we strive to establish meaningful and long-term relationships with our parents, alumni, friends, and other supporters. And understanding the motivation behind these gifts allows the College to provide its parents, alumni, friends and supporters the maximum return on their investments.

But, of course, every motive is different. So we want to know what inspires you to give to College of Arts and Sciences, so that you get what you want from your investment.

It makes sense.

Giving to the College enables you to establish strong, beneficial connections to campus, and your gift fosters prosperity through the initiatives it supports.

It is a good business decision.

Your gift is an investment because it allows you to take advantage of tax and estate benefits.

It is fun.

Giving to the College of Arts and Sciences allows you to establish and maintain relationships on campus that open doors to events and activities that are enjoyable and socially rewarding.

It feels right and means something to you.

You make your gifts to the College of Arts and Sciences because it supports the department from which you graduated (or your child is graduating), contributes to a program or activity about which you are passionate, provides financially needy students with new opportunities and experiences, and promotes the catholic mission, vision and values of the university.

You want to give back.

Someone in the College, like a professor who encouraged and believed in you, or an experience, like a research trip abroad, or a community service trip, like tutoring in southeastern San Diego, left a lasting impression on you and has made a difference in your life. Now, you want to do something in return. You want to say thanks.

Philanthropy is a tradition for you.

You (or your family) recognize the importance and value of philanthropy. And what it represents is important to you.