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Women's and Gender Studies


101D Introduction to Gender Studies 494 Topics in Gender Studies
495 Advanced Gender Studies 499 Independent Study

101D Introduction to Gender Studies / 3 UNITS

An interdisciplinary introduction to such issues as gender socialization; men, women, and friendship; men, women, and romance; gender and communication; gender and language; gender and the media; gender and morality; gender and economics; gender and ways of knowing; gender and spirituality; etc.

494 Topics in Gender Studies / 3 UNITS

An advanced course focusing on topics of interest and importance to the study of gender. For example, topics might include such subjects as violence against women; the men’s movement; contemporary theories of love relationships; and lesbian, gay, and bi-sexual issues. This course may be repeated for credit when the topic changes. Students must have completed 12 units of coursework in the gender studies minor or have consent of the instructor.

495 Advanced Gender Studies / 3 UNITS

A capstone seminar course devoted to advanced study in the field, supplemented by directed research in students’ areas of primary interest in their majors. When appropriate, it may include an internship component. The research experience will culminate in a symposium.

499 Independent Study / 1-3 UNITS

A program of advanced study in an area of special interest, arranged between the student and the instructor. The independent study must include at a minimum extensive readings, consistent consultations with the sponsoring instructor, and a final report or project. Prerequisite: Approval of one of the gender studies program coordinators.

Gender Studies Courses

GNDS 101D-Introduction to Gender Studies (Watson)
COMM 445-GenderCommunication (Pierson)
PSYC 359-Health Psychology of Women and Ethnic Groups (Sgoutas-Emch)
ENGL 223-Growing Up Fiction (Smith)
ENGL 224-Love, Sex, and Science( Spiegel)
POLS 316-Sex, Power and Politics (Norton)
MGMT 306-Women in Management (Hunsaker)
HIST 347-Wicked Women in History (De La Torres)
HIST 126-American Women in History (De La Torres)
ETHN 494-Women of Color  Spirituality (Staff)
ETHN 494-Race, Gender and Colonialism (Staff)
ETHN(SOC)494-Asian/Latino Worker (Lum)
SOC 358-Political Sociology (Liu)