Film Studies

About the Minor

An interdisciplinary academic program, USD's Film Studies minor is geared for students who want to explore the depth and breadth of films across cultures and forms.
Students will gain a critical familiarity of many types of moving image media, as film today can no longer be singularly defined as the Hollywood feature film. 

Completing the minor helps students develop a capacity for visual analysis, as well as critical thinking and writing skills. In taking a variety of film courses across the disciplines, students could discover interests in film criticism and research or decide to pursue work in film production, leading them to careers in the arts, business, journalism, writing or education.

Program Requirements

The minor requires 18 units total of designated courses, including at least 9 upper-division units. Students enroll in two required Film Studies courses (FILM 101, FILM 301). The other four courses must be taken from at least two of the following departments, six units of which must be upper-division: Art, Architecture + Art History; Communication Studies; English; History; and Languages, Cultures and Literatures. 

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