Program Review

USD’s academic program review process provides a systematic and continuous means of assuring academic excellence. It is designed to encourage accountability and dialogue among members within the department under review as a self-reflective process and within the broader institutional and discipline-based contexts. The academic program review (APR) is carried out on a six-year cycle.

The Academic Program Review provides an effective process for carrying out long-term planning and should be integrated into the department’s overall planning process. 

As department chair, you should consider the following three recommendations:

  • Review your current, ongoing five-year action plan and ensure that the action items outlined therein are being implemented each semester and the department is adhering to the plan.
  • Review the memorandum of understanding (MOU) created by the Provost’s Office at the conclusion of your last APR. This MOU outlines the resources and support that the administration has committed to your department as part of the APR process as well as any expectations or contingencies.
  • Determine when your next APR will take place so that you can plan ahead, given that this four-stage process does require significant coordination, time, and effort.

More information on the APR process