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Department of

Ethnic Studies


Preparation for the Major

9 units of lower-division courses:*

ETHN 100D – Introduction to Ethnic Studies (3)

Six units in lower division electives:

ETHN 220D: Introduction to African American Studies (3)
ETHN 230D: Introduction to American Indian Studies (3)
ETHN 240D: Introduction to Chicano/Latino Studies (3)
ETHN 250 D: Introduction to Asian American Studies (3)
ETHN 294: Special Topics in Ethnic Studies (3)

Major Requirements:

The major is interdisciplinary and requires 30 units of upper-division coursework. All students must take at least two courses from the Comparative Ethnic Studies core course area (360-369, or 460-469), and at least two courses from different ethnic-specific core course areas not covered at the Lower-Division Level. At least one 300-level course must be a “W” course, which should be completed at the beginning of upper division coursework, and one course must be a “C” or community service learning course. Coursework will culminate in the capstone course, ETHN 497WC, a community-based research seminar. Additional courses generated each semester by the department may also be applicable.

The curriculum layout is as follows:

I. Core Courses Areas

African American Studies
ETHN 321C  African American Panethnicity (3)
ETHN 322     African American Civil Rights (3)
ETHN 323     African American Music and Culture (3)

American Indian Studies
ETHN 331     Gender in Native America (3)
ETHN 332     American Indian Health and Spirituality (3)

Chicano/Latino Studies
ETHN 343     Chicano/Latino Studies (3)

Asian American Studies
ETHN 355     Asian American Social Movements (3)

Comparative Ethnic Studies
ETHN 360     Race, Religion, and Social Justice (3)
ETHN 361     Immigration at the U.S.-Mexico Border: Ethnicity, Race and Gender (3)
ETHN 362     Ethnicity and Cinema (3)
ETHN 363     Race and U.S. Social Movements (3)
ETHN 364     Race, Class and Gender (3)
ETHN 365     U.S. Women of Color Theory and Activism (3)
ETHN 366     Race and Performance (3)

II. Capstone Course (3 units)
ETHN 497WC           Senior Thesis (3)

For students who entered the University before Fall 2012, please consult your advisor.