Learning Outcomes

Program Goals:

In light of the university's values to pursue academic excellence, intellectual development and appreciation for the global community, the English Department aims to develop students'

  • Critical reading, thinking, writing and research skills;
  • Knowledge of literatures across historical and geographical boundaries;
  • Understanding of texts in their diverse ethnic, socio-political, religious and cultural contexts;
  • Comprehension of literary traditions and conventions;
  • Appreciation for and the understanding of the vital role of artistic expression in society and culture.

Learning Outcomes:

English majors will aim to:

  • Employ critical reading as an effective basis of literary inquiry, through close reading of form and discourse, and through engagement with literary contexts.

  • Employ a strong understanding of the contexts of literature as a basis of literary inquiry. These contexts include: the influences of culture, race, and gender; genre, literary traditions, and historical periods; literary production, and the insights of literary theories.

  • Develop strong writing skills relevant to literary inquiry. These skills include clear expression and sound mechanics, and are productive of critical insight. They can be practiced in creative writing, research, and critical argument. 

Note: in the English curriculum all of the above outcomes are also developed through class discussion; literature takes many forms, including film and visual media and performance.