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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I become an English Major?
    Declaring your major involves filling out the declaration of major form and meeting with the department representative – Declaration of English Major

  2. When can I take an upper-division course?
    Second-semester sophomores can sign up for upper-division courses. Before then, students can be admitted with the signature of the instructor.

  3. What courses count as upper-division electives?
    You may take any course in the 300s and 400s to fulfill your upper-division electives.  Just be sure you also fulfill the historical distribution requirements.

  4. What courses fulfill the Literature requirement in the Core Curriculum?
    ENGL 222, 223, 224, 225, 228, 280. ENGL 121 fulfills the lower-division Written literacy requirement, but not Literature.

  5. What is a W requirement?
    USD’s Core Curriculum requires every student to fulfill an upper-division Written Literacy requirement – courses marked with a W. English majors must take a W course in the English department, but cannot take 304w or 306W. W course offerings change every semester.

  6. Can a course fulfill both the W requirement and a historical distribution requirement at the same time?
    Yes. For example, 332W would fulfill the W requirement as well as Literature from 1660-1900.

  7. Can I take two courses that have the same course number?
    Yes, if they are substantially different courses. However, you will need to get the signature of the department chair.

  8. How do I transfer credits from other universities?
    You must fill out the transfer of credit form – Transfer of Credit for English or composition course

  9. What should I do if I am interested in graduate study in literature?
    There are many options for graduate study in literature, including a variety of fields and the choice between a Master’s degree and a PhD. Discuss your ideas with your academic advisor or other professors. Students considering graduate work are advised to continue study in a foreign language, and to take ENGL 380 Literary Theory and ENGL 495 Senior Project.

  10. Does the English Department have an honors society?
    Yes, Sigma Tau Delta. See the English Department office for details.

  11. Can I get credit for an internship?
    Yes, through the Southeast San Diego Tutoring Project. Please contact Professor Tim Randell in the English Department.

  12. How do I take an independent study course?
    Independent study courses are only for advanced students who have a particular research interest not covered by current classes. Students should first discuss the course with a faculty member. Then the student designs a syllabus and writes a formal proposal, to be submitted for approval to the English Department Chair.