Careers and Internships

Increasingly, employers are recognizing the value of broad training in the liberal arts, and in the kind of skills English majors have - strong writing, the ability to read and understand complex texts, creative and flexible thinking, clear and empathetic communication with other people.  You can make the most of these skills by combining your studies with career planning and preparation.

Discuss your plans with your academic advisor. And please contact our Director of Career and Internship Planning, Professor Tim Randel (

Career Preparation


Register Your Internship for Academic Credit

You can earn academic units while interning at a company or organization, but how do you find an internship? You can find internships on Handshake, the university platform that connects students with jobs and internships. To register for Handshake to start looking for jobs and internships right away, go to, where you can set up an account using your University of San Diego email and password. Once you register and sign in, you can customize a search to find a position tailored to your specifications. Don’t see your dream internship listed on Handshake? Let your imagination guide you. For example, one recent intern interested in working in publishing googled publishing houses in San Diego, contacted them directly, and landed an internship evaluating and responding to authors’ manuscript submissions.

Once you land an internship and want to register it for academic units—or if you just have questions about internships and would like to learn more—contact Dr. Tim Randell (, who coordinates careers and internships for the English Department.


Career Development Center

Visit the Career Center for more information and practical assistance on developing your career prospects.


Individual Internships

Working individually with an English faculty member, you can arrange to turn your internship into 1-unit course.

The Southeast San Diego Tutoring Program

The Southeast San Diego Tutoring Program offers students the  opportunity to intern at a local, low-income elementary school or middle school (K-8), tutoring children in basic reading, writing, and math while earning academic credit.

Graduate School


Teaching Credentials

Graduate Work in Literature and Creative Writing

Many English majors go on to do Master's degrees and PhD's in literature, writing, and creative writing. Choosing a program and applying requires personal attention and planning. Talk to your professors and advisors about your plans. In recent years, our English majors have gone on to study at: UCSD, University of Chicago, Columbia, University of Arizona, University of Edinburgh, and UC Davis.

Other Opportunities