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Contemplative Studies


At present, we have a variety of projects related to supporting and strengthening the emerging interdisciplinary field of Contemplative Studies and to developing Contemplative Studies at the University of San Diego. These projects include maintaining the Contemplative Studies website, facilitating dialogue and networking among contemplative educators, developing courses and workshops that utilize contemplative pedagogy, supplying educational materials, and supporting research and publication on contemplative practice and experience.

Contemplative Studies Website

This website is one of our primary projects. The Contemplative Studies website is a collaborative online resource, and we hope that it will become one of the primary online gathering places for Contemplative Studies. With this in mind, we welcome suggestions and contributions from members of the Contemplative Studies community.

Dialogue and Networking

We aim to facilitate collaboration among educators across disciplines and specializations. We accomplish such networking through community outreach and connecting potential conversation partners. In the case of the University of San Diego, we are working to establish a more self-conscious community of teacher-scholars, administrators and staff, and students interested in contemplative pedagogy. Beyond the university, we are working to form working relationships with various scholars and organizations. This includes increasing awareness of upcoming conferences, research, and publications. The Contemplative Studies website also maintains a web-page for the newly formed Contemplative Studies Group of the American Academy of Religion.

Syllabus Project

Our Syllabus Project makes sample syllabi related to Contemplative Studies and contemplative pedagogy available to educators and the wider public. It serves as a resource for developing courses in Contemplative Studies.

Research and Publication

We support research and publication on contemplative practice and experience. In addition to strengthening the national and international Contemplative Studies community through dialogue and networking, we also engage in research and publication. This includes making contributions to publications such as Meditation and the Classroom (Judith Simmer-Brown and Fran Grace, eds.) and Cultural Histories of Meditation (Halvor Eifring, ed.). We are also in the process of editing a comparative anthology of primary texts in translation on contemplative practice.