Syllabus Project

The Syllabus Project gathers syllabi from contemplative courses from faculty and universities around the United States and beyond. We are grateful to the educators who have agreed to share their syllabi with the larger academic community.

If you are a university professor and would like your syllabus added, please contact Dr. Louis Komjathy.

As this list and a perusal of the syllabi indicate, there are diverse approaches to Contemplative Studies. These approaches depend on the personal affinities and commitments of the associated faculty member as well as on their disciplinary location and institutional context. Some of the courses focus on spirituality formation, while others are more strictly liberal arts courses. Some are taught within church-based universities, while others are taught at private, liberal arts or research universities.

The syllabi are offered as models and opportunities for reflection. Through critical reflection, educators may identify their own commitments and potential approach to "contemplative pedagogy."