Contemplative Studies is an emerging interdisciplinary field. It is closely associated with other fields of inquiry such as consciousness studies, mysticism studies, psychology, neuroscience, religious studies and so forth. As such, a wide range of relevant publications, with their degree of relevance depending on one's approach and interests, exist.

In order to develop a sophisticated and integrated understanding, researchers, educators, and students may consider critical pedagogy, embodiment, the physiology of meditation and mystical experience, theories of practice, specific historical studies, and so forth. Such publications may approach contemplative practice and experience from a variety of perspectives, including anthropological, historical, neuroscientific, pedagogical, psychological, theological, and so forth.

Members of the Contemplative Studies Unit (CSU) of the American Academy of Religion have compiled a select bibliography of Contemplative Studies. As this bibliography indicates, Contemplative Studies is broadly conceived and wide ranging.

Some important recent publications related to Contemplative Studies include the following:

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