Although Contemplative Studies is in its formative phases, there are a number of interdisciplinary programs and prominent organizations. This page provides basic information on such resources. It includes information on relevant on-campus courses, programs, and offerings at the University of San Diego as well as access to our Syllabus Project.

The University of San Diego provides a variety of opportunities and resources related to contemplative practice.

Most of the academic programs related to Contemplative Studies are interdisciplinary. They include faculty members from across disciplines and specializations, including the humanities, sciences, and creative arts.

There are a variety of organizations associated with Contemplative Studies. Some of these organizations have academic affiliations, while others are independent and privately funded.

The Syllabus Project gathers syllabi from contemplative courses from universities around the country. We are grateful to the educators who have agreed to share their syllabi with the larger academic community.

Questions? Contact:

Louis Komjathy, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Theology and Religious Studies