At present, this website is a collaborative online resource for the emerging interdisciplinary field of Contemplative Studies. It is our hope that it will eventually become associated with an interdisciplinary academic program or concentrations and perhaps with an educational and research center, drawing faculty and courses from a variety of specializations.

About Contemplative Studies

Contemplative Studies is an emerging interdisciplinary field dedicated to research and education on contemplative practice and contemplative experience, including the possible relevance and application to a wide variety of undertakings.

Contemplative Studies at the University of San Diego is still in its formative moments. Broadly understood, there is some overlap with traditional liberal arts values in general and with spirituality as an academic discipline in particular. As there is currently no major or formal academic program, the courses listed below offer a glimpse into potential areas of conversation and connection.

Course Title
ARTH 140 The Buddhist Temple
EDUC 589 Peace Education in a Global Society
ETHN 240 Introduction to Chincao/Latino Studies
HUMC 394 Contemplative Inquiry: Aliveness, Consciousness, Presence
LEAD 357 Leadership and the Practice of Presence
MSNE 501 Introduction to Spirituality and Health
THRS 232 Religion and Animals
THRS 394 Meditation Traditions of the World