Learning Outcomes

Communication Studies Program Goals and Learning Outcomes


Students should be able to explain, apply, synthesize and critique communication theories, concepts, models and perspectives that span the breath and history of the discipline.


Students should be able to interpret, critically analyze and engage in communication inquiry, differentiate between various approaches and contribute to scholarly conversations.


Students should be able to construct, reflect upon and deliver effective messages (in terms of argument, clarity, organization and style) that are appropriate to the audience, purpose and context.

Ethical Application

Students should be able to identify and explain various ethical perspectives and apply these in the evaluation of ethical elements of a communication situation.

Cultural Competence

Students should be able to express cultural awareness, curiosity and empathy while exploring and valuing cultural difference.

Public Discourse

Students should be able to, from a communication perspective, identify, frame, evaluate and advocate courses of action to confront humanity’s urgent challenges.