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Communication Studies

Internships FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to be a Communication major or minor to receive credit for the internship?
    Yes. 2nd semester Junior standing and above. You must have completed Comm 300.
  2. I have no prior experience. Can I still do an internship?
    Yes, absolutely. Many Communication Majors do not have prior experience in the field.
  3. How many hours must I complete?
    3 Units = 120 total hours
    2 Units = 80 total hours
  4. Can I find my own internship position?
    Yes, but it must be approved by the Internship Director beforehand. The internships listed on this website have already been approved.
  5. Do I have to attend all meetings? And when are they?
    Yes, all four meetings are mandatory during the semester. The meeting dates and times will be on your syllabus. Don't miss them!
  6. Can I receive retro-active credit for an internship?
    No. Credit will only be given in conjunction with the semester in progress.
  7. I already received units for a communication internship. Can I have more?
    Maybe. You may only count three units of internship toward your Communication major. You may take three more units as upper division elective credit IF you have no other practicum (e.g. independent study) in the College of Arts & Sciences. Ask the Internship Director if you are unsure.
  8. How do I add the internship class?
    Professor Ghio will sign your add form. Take the add form to the Registrar's office.

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