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Department of

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Scientific Instruments Facilities

instrument room

Undergraduate chemistry & biochemistry students are the main users of our department’s Scientific Instruments Facilities, which contain over $3 million in state-of-the-art equipment.

Students begin to use scientific instruments in lower division classes, and become highly proficient in upper division labs and research projects, where further training and extensive instrument time is available to each student. The multiplicity and diversity of our scientific instruments ensure that each student gets a real hands-on experience with a variety of analytical techniques.

We regularly upgrade and add new instruments to our holdings, thus opening the compass of analytical techniques available to our students. The department has a full-time Director of Scientific Instruments to respond to the growing needs of our curriculum with respect to scientific instrumentation. Our Scientific Instrument Facilities are well maintained and keep up with the latest development in the field of Scientific Instrumentation, thus preparing our students for their future professional demands.



Current scientific instruments in the Chemistry & Biochemistry department include (some of these instruments are shared with the Biology department (*) and some are owned by the Biology department (**) but may be available for use by the Chemistry & Biochemistry faculty)

1 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
2 Autoclaves
1 Cell counter (by Nexcelcom)
*2 High Speed Centrifuge with swinging buckets rotors and FiberLite fixed angle rotors
1 Circular Dichroism spectrophotometer
1 Cyclic Voltammetry instrument
1 Differential Scanning Calorimeter
**1 Scanning Electron Microscope (Amray, 1810D)
**1 Transmission Electron Microscope (Zeiss, EM-900)
Multiple DNA & Protein Gel Electrophoresis apparatus
2 freezers (-80°C)
2 Fluorescence Spectrophotometers
3 FTIR Spectrometers
6 Gas chromatographs
1 Gel Permeation Chromatograph
**2 Gel Imagers (BioRad Gel Chem Doc systems)
4 High Pressure Liquid Chromatographs (with diode array and fluorescence detection)
1 Hydrogenator
1 Incubator Shaker
1 Karl Fisher Titrator
2 Liquid Chromatographs / Fraction Collectors (BioRad BioLogic and BioLogic LP)
*1 Liquid nitrogen cryostorage Dewar for cell culture vials
1 Lyophilizer
1 Fluorescence Microscope (evos, inverted)
**1 Confocal Microscope (Nikon, Tl-1 Inverted A1)
1 Magnetic Susceptibility balance
2 Mass Spectrometers (one connected to a Gas Chromatograph: a Bruker Scion SQ Premium Single Quad, the other connected to a High pressure Liquid Chromatograph: a Thermo LTQ XL with Ultimate 3000 Dionex pumps)
1 Microwave reactor
*1 Microplane washer
*2 Nano drop RNA & DNA analyzers (Implen Nanophotometer and Nanodrop Lite)
2 Nuclear Magnetic spectrometers (a 500 MHz equipped with an indirect detection penta probe, and a 400 MHz equipped with an automated triple broadband probe)
1 PCR (BioRad CFX-96 Optical Reaction Module / five color real time Thermo cycle reactor). This unit is designed for duplexing & multiplexing with different color LEDs for excitation.
3 Plate readers, two UV / Vis / Fluorescent, one UV only (Thermo Fluoroskan Ascent, Fisher Labsystems Multiskan, BioTek Synergy HT)
Multiple Protein Transfer Apparatus
1 Quartz microbalance with dissipative measurements (QCMD)
1 Western Blot Scanner (Licor C-DIGit Chemiluminescence)
1 Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer
8 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
1 XRay dual source diffractometer (with an IμS Cu source and a sealed tube Mo source for analysis of both small molecules crystal and proteins crystals)