We have created a culture that firmly embraces collaborative faculty-student research as one of the prime motivators for our research efforts.

USD's chemistry program is designed to qualify students for: admission to graduate school in chemistry; positions as chemists in the workforce; admission to medical, dental and pharmacy schools; or secondary teaching.

Our faculty provide dynamic classroom and teaching laboratory experiences, embrace student-learning approaches using active learning techniques to give our new scientists a mix of unique student-centered teaching opportunities.  From your first experience in general chemistry to your last semester in upper-division course and laboratory work our faculty continuously improve how to provide a meaningful and rigorous delivery of interesting and challenging chemistry courses.

Upper division courses are a sequence of integrated laboratory/lecture courses in organic/physical chemistry, inorganic/physical chemistry, biophysical chemistry, instrumental methods and biochemistry. This allows each student to be exposed to an interesting mix of chemistry concepts and techniques making them competitive for professional school and qualified candidates in the job market.

Our department is small enough to give each student a small-class experience with impactful faculty interactions, and it's big enough to offer a unique regular set of topics courses.  These "special topics" courses provide an advanced experience for our students in a modern, topical application of chemistry or biochemistry. Example topics include: 

  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • NMR Spectroscopy
  • Biochemistry of Cancer
  • Nucleic Acid Chemistry