Talk and Poster Presentations


The oral presentations will be scheduled as concurrent sessions with up to seven talks per session. Each talk will be allotted a 15 minute time slot. We strongly recommend that you have a 10-minute presentation with 2-3 minutes allotted for questions. This allows for a couple of minutes to switch between presenters.

All presentations will be given in Microsoft PowerPoint from a classroom computer. You will not be allowed to access your slides through Google Slides, project from a laptop, or download from your email during the session. Therefore, you should plan to load your presentations onto the computer using a USB drive or by downloading at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled session. Once you have loaded your slides on the computer, you should confirm that the formatting is correct.

If you are in the morning session, you should load your presentations on the computer immediately after registration is completed. If you are in the afternoon session, you can load your presentations during the lunch break.

Awards will be given for the best oral presentations in each of the concurrent sessions. There will be a separate room available for practicing your talk.


The posters should measure 42” wide X 36” tall or smaller. Pushpins will be provided.

There are two one-hour poster sessions spanning the lunch break. Authors with odd-numbered posters will present during Poster session I and authors of the even-numbered posters will present during Poster session II. If you have an odd-numbered poster, plan on displaying the poster when you arrive. The poster will be on display until the end of Poster session I and authors should remain with the poster during the first hour. Following session I, the even-numbered posters will replace the odd-numbered posters and will be on display for the rest of the afternoon, with presenters of even-numbered posters standing with their posters during the second hour. Presenters are responsible for prompt removal of their posters at the end of their session.

Awards will be given for best posters in various sub-disciplines of Biology.