Learning Outcomes

Program Goals

  • Students develop a strong foundation in the Fundamental Concepts of Biology.
  • Students can function successfully in a laboratory and field setting.
  • Students can employ the scientific method to generate new information.
  • Students can synthesize a cogent argument in the language of science.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of their degree students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the foundational concepts of biology, including cellular, organismic, ecological, and evolutionary biology.

  • Rigorously and ethically apply the scientific methods to questions in biology by formulating testable hypotheses, and gathering and analyzing data to assess the degree to which they support the hypotheses.

  • Employ quantitative reasoning skills to present results and explain their significance.

  • Demonstrate information literacy by locating, critically analyzing, and discussing primary literature.

  • Clearly communicate, orally and in writing, using a standard scientific format with accurate use of conventions such as citations, graphs, and statistics.