Department of Biology

The Biology Department offers a comprehensive program to study the nature, structure and function of organisms. We prepare students for graduate and professional schools, teaching in the life sciences and work in applied biology. The unifying theme of our curriculum is evolution via the mechanism of natural selection.

We are committed to providing students with critical research opportunities, internships and laboratory experiences, the caliber of which are typically only offered at R1 institutions. This is enhanced by our faculty members who are committed to educating future researchers, graduate students, bio-engineers and life science teachers with a rich education that is shaped through curriculum, experiential learning and faculty support.

Why Choose Biology at USD?

Commitment to Research

Our research, internship and experiential learning requirements guarantee that students are able to make connections between their textbooks and practical applications of knowledge. Faculty members are continually exploring their own research pursuits, so students also have access to cutting-edge research.

Small Class Size

Unlike the lecture halls at larger institutions, students build long-lasting relationships with their faculty, one of whom is their advisor. The result is personalized advising and committed support for students during their time at USD.

Pre-Health Preparation

Faculty members convene a committee to assist Biology majors with applications to medical schools, which require recommendations. This means students have guidance during this complicated process, and can benefit from faculty members' experience working with other students.

Liberal Arts Foundation

Students gain expansive knowledge of other subjects that can enhance their learning of biology. They learn how to synthesize and communicate their work, a skill admired by employers, and they are aware of ethical, social and environmental issues that can impact the life sciences.

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