Faculty Resources

Foremost in faculty support is our new grant-funding program. Faculty will be eligible to receive up to $500.00 per program/department each year for an assessment project. Please contact your A-Team representative for details.

Additionally, there many new resources on the web available to faculty on the subjects of student learning, outcomes assessment, academic program review, core curriculum models and revision processes, and reaccreditation.

Faculty may find several of the following handouts helpful in preparing assessment plans, learning outcomes, and rubrics, and distinguishing between direct and indirect evidence:

  1. Course Assessment Glossary
  2. Program Assessment Glossary
  3. Assessment Planning with Extended Example
  4. Choosing the Right Assessment Tool
  5. Developing and Applying Rubrics
  6. Constructing Useful Learning Outcomes
  7. Direct Assessment Methods
  8. Indirect Assessment Methods
  9. Using Bloom's Taxonomy in Constructing Outcomes

Several of additional sources and publications are listed below as links.

American Colleges and Universities (AAC& U) Publications:

  1. College Learning for a New Global Century
    This publication is a comprehensive look at student learning from a liberal arts perspective. It identifies essential learning outcomes and considers a new framework for academic excellence.
  2. Liberal Education's Scorecard
    This publication provides a new way to think about integrative learning as the basis for a core curriculum, the foundation of a liberal arts education.

AAC&U's website explore several major initiatives in higher education; many of these are directly linked below:

Additionally, you will find a set of essential undergraduate outcomes and rubrics for many of these.

Western Association of Colleges and Universities (WASC)

Our reaccrediting regional organization offers a variety of resources in the form of guidelines and rubrics for evaluating institutional progress. Some of these are linked directly below or you can access them on their website: