ARCH 101 Studio (F17)

PROUN(ПРОект УтвержденияНового) is an acronym for the Russian term "Project for the Affirmation of the New," which the Soviet artist El Lissitzky coined for his work between 1919 and 1927. Lissitzky saw the collaged and painted forms as a method for reconceiving space and more generally to express the fundamental transformations in society that he believed would result from the Russian Revolution. While many of his colleagues renounced painting, which they viewed as elitist, in favor of utilitarian arts such as furniture and graphic design, Lissitzky remained committed to painting as a means to articulate his utopian vision.

Each student was invited to translate a PROUN—a two-dimensional representation—into three-dimensional form. Because each PROUN contains a significant amount of spatial ambiguity, each model offers an original interpretation, and a lesson in translating flat shapes into physical space.