We believe the mission of our architecture program, embedded in a liberal arts college, is first and foremost to educate the next generation of designers and the public alike in the values that, for generations, have made spaces into meaningful places.

USD's Architecture major and minor programs introduce students to architecture as a cultural practice that structures both the physical and social environment. Architecture students will be introduced to a wide range of disciplines and creative studio practices that contribute to an architect's breadth of knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Prepare for Graduate Study

The Architecture major in particular prepares students for graduate programs in architecture and the allied fields such as landscape architecture, interior design, urban design, urban planning, historic preservation, art and architectural history.

Careers in Architecture

Students interested in moving to careers in civil engineering, real estate, or working for international, public, or non-governmental development agencies are encouraged to enroll in the Architecture major in addition to USD's programs in Engineering, Environmental Studies, Business Administration, Sociology, Ethnic Studies or International Relations.