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Architecture Minor

The Architecture minor is designed for students who seek a deeper understanding of the built environment as a historical, social, and cultural object within the liberal arts curriculum. Courses in the history and theory of art, architecture, and urbanism, and studios in the visual arts and architecture enable students to develop critical and precise ways of thinking about architecture and the city, in addition to acquiring basic design skills. Students who intend to pursue graduate studies in the fields of architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, and historic preservation are strongly encouraged to enroll in the Architecture minor in combination with a major in the Visual Arts or Art History.

Degree Requirements for Architecture Minor

The minor requires the completion of 6 courses with a total of 20 units as listed below:


Foundations in Studio Art

3 lower-division units from:

ARTV 101 – Fundamentals of Drawing
ARTV 103 – Design Foundations
ARTV 104 – Foundations in Form, Space, and Time
ARTV 108 – Introduction to New Media in Art
ARTV 160 – Photography


Architectural Design

4 lower-division units, and 4 upper-division units:

ARCH 101– Introduction to Architectural Design
ARCH 102 – Architectural Design Studio I
ARCH 301 – Architectural Design Studio II
ARCH 302 – Architectural Design Vertical Studio (Can be repeated for credit)


Foundations in the History and Theory of Architecture

3 lower-division units:

ARCH 121 – Introduction to Modern Architecture


History and Theory of Art, Architecture, and Urbanism

6 upper division units from:

ARCH 321 – City and Utopia: Introduction to the History of Urbanism
ARCH 322 – Contemporary Architecture
ARCH 323 – Memory, Monument, Museum: Studies in Historic Preservation
ARCH 330 – Special Topics in the History of Architecture and Design
ARCH 340 – Biographies of World Cities

Students are encouraged to take some of the following courses as electives:

ARTH 334 – Art of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries in Europe and the Americas
ARTH 345 – The Avant-Garde and Mass Culture: Art and Politics
ARTH 355 – The City in Art and Film
ARTV 103 – Design Foundations
ENGR 101 – Introduction to Engineering
HIST 334 – European Art and Architecture in Context
HIST 390 – Art and Architecture in California
THEA 220 – Fundamentals of Theatrical Design
SOCI 455 – Cities in a Global Context


Please refer to the University of San Diego Undergraduate Bulletin for your academic planning.