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Resident Faculty Members

Christopher Adler, Music

Larry Alexander, School of Law

JP Amor, School of Business

Rae Anderson, Physics

Harriet Baber, Philosophy

Lauren Benz, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Lisa Baird, Biology

Cynthia Caywood, English

Lynn Dallas, School of Law

Casey Dominguez, Political Science

Anne Donnellan, School of Leadership and Education Sciences

Elaine Elliott, Community Service-Learning

Victoria Fu, Art, Architecture, and Art History

Jennifer Gorsky, Mathematics and Computer Science

Jim Gump, History

Gail Heriot, School of Law

Diane Hoffoss, Mathematics/Computer Science

Rebecca Ingram, Languages and Literature

Ronald Kaufmann, Marine Science

Michael Kelly, School of Law

Evelyn Kirkley, Theology and Religious Studies

Anne Koenig, Psychology

Patricia Kowalski, Psychology

Bert Lazerow, School of Law

Sarah Levin-Richardson, History

Janet Madden, Law School Admin.

Merrick Marino, Asst. Dean, Student Affairs

Shaun Martin, School of Law

Kristen McCabe, Psychology

Grayson McCouch, School of Law

Joseph McGowan, English

Sarina Molina, School of Leadership and Education Sciences

Clara Oberle, History

Cameron Parker, Mathematics and Computer Science

Frank Partnoy, School of Law

Rodney Peffer, Philosophy

Richard Pugh, School of Law

Michael Ramsey, School of Law

Michael Rappaport, School of Law

Ryan Ratliff, School of Business

Sandra Robertson, Languages and Literatures

Dennis Rohatyn, Philosophy

Miriam Rothman, School of Business

Jackie Sabanos, Copley Library

Jonathan Sandy, School of Business

Dustin Sharp, Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies

Daniel Sheehan, Physics

Lynn Small (Emeritus), Mathematics and Computer Science

Kathryn Statler, History

Abraham Stoll, English

Monica Stufft, Theatre Arts

Karma Lekshe Tsomo, Theology and Religious Studies

Ed Ursin, School of Law

Kathy Whistler, Legal Research Center

Christopher Wonnell, School of Law

Sally Yard, Art

Matthew Zwolinski, Philosophy

Jennifer Zwolinski, Psychology