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Steve Tammelleo, PhD

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Steve Tammelleo joined the philosophy department at USD in 2013. He enjoys teaching classes in Logic, Business Ethics, Latin American Thought, and Introduction to Philosophy. Steve’s research focuses on Foucault, border policy, immigration and ethnic identity. Steve has traveled extensively in Latin America. Steve enjoys yoga, biking, and hiking, and, he is obsessed with volleyball.


Ph.D., University of Memphis B.S., Lewis and Clark College

Scholarly and Creative Work

Steve’s current research project examines current border policy from a Foucauldian framework. Recent border policies, such as Operation Streamline and the Alien Transport and Exit Program, have made it much more difficult and dangerous for migrants to cross the U.S. Mexico Border. Making use of Foucauldian concepts of Discipline, Biopower, and Spectacle, Steve’s research examines the ways in which border policies have transformed the identities and life chances of undocumented immigrants.

Teaching Interests

Steve had taught fifteen different undergraduate courses. His favorites include a senior seminar on Michel Foucault, Latin American Thought, Logic, Philosophy and Gender, Introduction to Political Philosophy, Business Ethics, Major Ethical Theories, the Metaphysics of Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation, and Environmental Ethics. In May of 2011 and again in May of 2012, Steve served as a group leader for a delegation of ten students on a three-week trip to the U.S. Mexico Border.