Why Choose a Liberal Arts and Sciences Education?

As a result of USD's commitment to the liberal arts, many of our graduates have advanced to distinguished careers in teaching, research, medicine, law, journalism, politics, the arts, philanthropy and international business.

A liberal arts and sciences education can help you:

  1. Acquire the skills to become a lifelong learner, which often translates into a whole variety of rewarding careers and can lead to a enriched, balanced, engaged and fulfilling lifestyle.
  2. Learn how to think critically and independently, speak and write effectively, and appreciate a diverse range of cultural and artistic traditions.
  3. Recognize the limits of your own knowledge and also acquire some of the critical tools needed to evaluate scientific theories, works of art, historical facts and philosophical traditions.
  4. Develop a habit of mind that is characterized by humility, honesty and a relentless intellectual curiosity.
  5. Become an ethical, effective and engaged global citizen.

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