Career Readiness Programs

passport logo Passport Program The School of Business The Passport program is requirement for any student who declares a major in the School of Business. The purpose of the Passport Program is to provide guidance for undergraduate students in career building skills and networking contacts to complement their education. Students become familiar with professional development, including job search techniques, resume building, networking and interview skills, as well as other aspects of career exploration.
compass logo Compass Program The College of Arts & Sciences The Compass program is a requirement for any student  declaring a major in the College of Arts and Sciences under the 2018-2019 catalog or later. The Compass Program is a collaborative career-readiness program developed by the College of Arts and Sciences and managed by the Career Development Center. The program supports the intentional curriculum students learn in the classroom and assists students in articulating the value of their education. The goal of the program is to assist students in exploring their passions, educating students on opportunities and professionalism, and connecting students with networks that lead to meaningful post-graduation plans.
connect logo Connect Program The Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering The Connect program is a requirement for any student declaring a major in the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering under the 2019-2020 catalog or later.  Connect is a professional development program that will allow students to develop professional skills and career competencies to succeed in any career within this new and emerging global environment.
Additional information can be found within the student portal or during the orientation for each respective program.  If you have questions please email or call (619) 260-4654.

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