Employer Policy

The USD Career Development Center reserves the right to accept or decline service to employers. We reserve the right to edit postings without notice to meet guidelines and to remove inappropriate questions and/or language at will. We also reserve the right to remove a posting for any reason and without notice. Failure to adhere to the Career Development Center’s policies, NACE Principles for Professional Practice, USD's mission and values, or local, state, and federal laws are also grounds for refusal of service. 


If you do not agree with this statement of USD Employer Policy and Guidelines, please do not use Handshake or USD Career Development Center services.

Handshake Access

All employers must register using a professional email domain (e.g. registrations using Gmail, Yahoo, and personal emails will be declined) and corporate (non-residential) company address.

Internship Policy

All internships, whether paid, unpaid, or for credit, are eligible for posting. Employers directly post the internships with all relevant information and then those postings are individually approved or declined by Career Development Center staff.

For Credit Internships

Most students who participate in an internship for credit are simultaneously taking a tuition-funded internship class. When you select the student you wish to hire, it is the student’s responsibility to bring the internship to his/her academic department for approval to receive credit from the school. Some students may choose to accept an unpaid internship, without paying class tuition to receive credit, if they feel it will be a valuable learning experience. You will be responsible for determining whether your organization requires that students be registered in a class.  USD will not be responsible if you choose to proceed with hiring a student who is not enrolled in a class.

Please review the NACE internship statement for more information.

Compliance with LawsYou are responsible for ensuring that your organization complies with all applicable federal and state wage and hour requirements and other laws with respect to any positions, whether paid, unpaid or for credit.

Job Offer Policy

The USD Career Development Center requires that all organizations participating in the recruitment of USD students adhere to the Principles for Professional Conduct as prepared by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Employers may set other reasonable acceptance deadlines according to their own policies, as long as they do not place undue time pressure for acceptance of employment offers or encourage revocation of other employment offers. You agree that no exploding or sliding bonuses will be connected to offers.

Job Posting Policy

Please note that we do not accept the following types of postings:

  • Postings with a rate of pay lower than minimum wage (internships may be unpaid or compensated with a stipend to the extent permitted by applicable law).
  • “Campus Ambassador” positions, or any positions in which USD students promote, sell, influence, or market services/products to other USD students/faculty/staff.
  • Postings from private families/individuals. This includes, but is not limited to: personal care assistants, house cleaning, nannies, tutors, and pet care.
  • USD Career Development Center will not accept companies or positions involved with the use, production, testing, or distribution of recreational or medical marijuana. As the use of marijuana is illegal at the federal level, we must comply with federal law. In addition, the use of marijuana violates the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act and continues to be banned on campus.

Student Information


By completing the Handshake registration form and submitting resumes and other application materials for opportunities posted on Handshake, students provide the Career Development Center authorization to release employment materials to those selected prospective employers. Employment professionals must maintain the confidentiality of all student information released to them, regardless of the source, including personal documents, written records/reports, and computer databases. This means that you are not to disclose student information to another organization without the prior written consent of the student, unless necessitated by health and/or safety considerations, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


Students' GPAs are self-reported in Handshake and the Career Center does not verify the accuracy of student GPAs. Employers may include this information in their job descriptions as a point of information for potential candidates. Employers may also request grade reports or transcripts from students or alumni as part of their required Handshake application documents in order to verify academic performance.

Non-Discrimination, Non-Harassment

The University of San Diego prohibits and does not tolerate unlawful discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, pregnancy, age, physical disability, mental disability, or other characteristic protected by federal or state law in the admission or status of students, in the hiring, promotion or supervision of faculty, staff or administrators, and in the administration of career development programs and procedures. The facilities and services of the Career Development Center are only available to employers whose hiring and personnel practices are consistent with this policy.

Please review the University of San Diego’s complete Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment.

Candidates who believe employers have violated the University's non-discrimination policy are instructed to contact the Career Development Center.