Career Ambassadors and Graduate Assistants

Career Development Center Staff | Career Ambassadors and Graduate Assistants
Camden Engstrom Camden Engstrom Career Ambassador
Political Science and Finance
June 2022
Mary Fanslow Mary Fanslow Career Ambassador
Biology, Chemistry, Theology, and Religious Studies
May 2021
Hagen Harvey Hagen Harvey Career Ambassador
Finance and Accounting
May 2021
Taylor Hickox Taylor Hickox Career Ambassador
Marketing, International Business
December 2020
Rowan Parmenter Rowan Parmenter Career Ambassador
Business Economics
May 2021
Max Saenz Max Saenz Career Ambassador
Physics and Mechanical Engineering
May 2021
Kaitlin Solis Kaitlin Solis Marketing Ambassador
Accounting and Marketing
May 2021
Max Steinhauer Max Steinhauer

Career Ambassador 
Pre-Med, Finance, and Chemistry
May 2021

Catherine Walker Catherine Walker

Marketing Ambassador
Environmental and Ocean Studies, Political Science and Spanish
May 2021


Chaney Wollaston Chaney Wollaston

Career Ambassador
Finance and Economics
May 2022

Kiana Wiley Kiana Wiley

Graduate Assistant
Marital and Family Therapy