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bystander intervention

BYSTANDER INTERVENTION refers to actions taken by a person to identify, speak out about, or seek to engage others in responding to specific incidents of violence, behaviors, attitudes, practices that contribute to violence. 

Throughout this presentation students will

  • Discuss intervention and barriers to intervening
  • Learn strategies to help someone in a potentially dangerous situation
  • Practice skills on relevant scenarios
  • Identify resources on and off campus for student who have been impacted by sexual/relationship violence

HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS presentation explores the issue of relationship violence amongst college students. It is an opportunity for students to think critically about healthy and unhealthy characteristics.

Throughout this presentation students will

  • Gain an understanding of relationship violence as it pertains to students at USD
  • Identify healthy and unhealthy characteristics
  • Discuss ways to support a friend
  • Create action steps for building a culture of care and respect
healthy relationships
consent + media

CONSENT AND THE MEDIA is an opportunity to critically analyze the messages we receive about consent and sexuality in the media. 

Throughout this presentation students will

  • Identify messages they have received about consent through family, friends, and school
  • Analyze the portrayal of consent in movies, TV, and music
  • Compare the media's portrayal of consent with USD's consent policy
  • Discuss the specifics of USD's consent policy