Recreation Classes

COVID-19 Announcement

Campus Recreation will move forward with hybrid and remote classes for the Spring 2021 semester. To maximize opportunities for students, employees, and members, Campus Recreation will be offering courses that can be taken both in-person and remote-only. Students will have the opportunity to decide how they would like to attend their hybrid recreation class. Students should prepare to inform their instructors upon receiving their syllabus whether they'll be attending class in-person or remotely.

Our Goals For Your Experience

Virtual recreation classes are designed for the entire campus community at USD. Classes provide students with opportunities to learn new skills and activities, to increase physical strength and fitness, and to provide a balance in daily life. By introducing and encouraging these activities, we hope that you will develop a life-long interest in health and fitness.

Campus Recreation offers over 50 recreational classes each semester. You can choose from classes in the areas of:

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