USD FIT Group Exercise Sample Summer Schedule


Summer Schedule [PDF]

Class Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

12:15 - 1:10pm

*Fri. 12:30 - 1:25pm

Abs & Toning

Josh H.

Yoga Fusion

Deborah M.

Abs & Toning

Colleen B.

Power Yoga

Deborah M.

*12:30 - 1:25pm

Yoga Fusion

Lexi C.

5:30 - 6:25pm

Pilates Mat

Stephanie H.


Omar L.

CHR's Employee Abs & Toning

Free to USD Employees

Yoga Sculpt

Lexi C.


Class Descriptions

Abs & Toning: Strengthen your core while toning all other parts of your body with exercises targeting your abdominals and lower back.
Yoga Fusion: Increase strength, flexibility, muscular balance and relaxation in this high energy but low impact workout. Class incorporates a Vinyasa flow while focusing on concentration, breathing, and muscular endurance for the abdominals, low back and legs.
Power Yoga: This Vinyasa style yoga class emphasizes core and full body strength, connecting breath to movement to create heat in the body, strengthen muscles and challenge your focus.
Yoga Sculpt: This versatile yoga class will focus on working the entire body with strength and conditioning and Vinyasa style power flow yoga to tighten and lengthen your muscles. Incorporates core stability while using both body and hand-held weights to optimize strength and flexibility.
Zumba: Inspired by Latin dance and music, Zumba has transcended generations. Have fun while increasing your cardiovascular endurance grooving to this modern twist of Latin inspired choreography. No dance experience required.
Pilates Mat: This class will accelerate your heart rate and sculpt muscles with a series of isometric contractions incorporating Pilates movements and fundamentals.