USD FIT GroupEx & Personal Training


University Fitness (USD FIT) is a branch of Campus Recreation dedicated to developing the mind, body and spirit of our campus community. Our GroupEx and Personal Training programs help you discover physical activities to enjoy with our campus community.


GroupEx Membership allow unlimited access to all weekly fitness classes, taught by expert instructors, for our campus community. A full list of classes can be found below. Available classes may vary by semester, so please check the schedule. 

GroupEx Classes (varies by semester)
A list of the classes we offer for our GroupEx program
Abs & Toning Hip Hop & Abs Power Yoga Fitness & Strength Training
Yoga Yoga Sculpt Zumba  

Class dates and times can be found on our Spring GroupEx Schedule page. Class descriptions are available by clicking on each class within the calendar.


USD FIT GroupEx classes are located at the Bosley Café & Fitness Center 1st floor exercise room (CFC-108), while Personal Training sessions are held on the 2nd and 3rd floors, or at the McNamara Fitness Center located in the Jenny Craig Pavilion. For more information about the layout of our facility, please view our Floor Plan.

Contact Us

If you have questions regarding our facility or GroupEx program, please call 619-260-7488, or email us at

For questions regarding personal training, please email our Head Trainer, Rob Bauer, at

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