USD Campus Recreation offers a variety of membership options for the Sports Center and Fitness Center facilities. Members also have access to purchase additional programs such as Personal Training, Recreation Classes, and more!

To register for your membership, please visit our Campus Recreation Registration webpage. Sign up or Log In to access the Memberships tile located on the homepage. Full-time employees are eligible for up to four free memberships for family/friends. If you graduated within one year, you qualify for a free first annual membership. Contact Matthew McIver at for information about membership options.

Membership Table
Membership Type Facility/Program Access Options and Price
Facility Use Pass: Virtual Recreation

Recreation Classes & Personal Training

  • Spring 2021 Semester (thru May 19): $10
Facilities Use Pass: Adult Sports Center and both Fitness Centers
  • Affiliate*/General Community Day: $15
  • Affiliate*/General Community Week: $35
  • Affiliate* Month: $70
  • General Community Month: $80
  • Affiliate* Year: $200
  • General Community Year: $225
Sports Center Only Membership: Adult Sports Center Only
  • Day: $10
  • Week: $25
  • Month: $60
  • Year: $150
Fitness Centers Only Membership: Adult JCP and BFC Only
  • Day: $10
  • Week: $25
  • Month: $60
  • Year: $150
Pickleball Courts Only Membership SC Pickleball Courts
  • Day: $5
  • Week: $20
  • Month: $50
  • Year: $125
Sports Center Only Membership: Minor

Sports Center Only (with constant adult pass-holder supervision)

  • Day: $5
  • Week: $10
  • Month: $40
  • Year: $80

*Affiliate is defined as USD Alumni, Continuing Education program participants, or current Francis Parker employees. All others qualify for General Community options.

**Active facility membership required to participate in program.

Please note that facility use passes do not include parking. Please follow all posted Parking Services rules when parking on campus. Fees apply Monday - Friday between 7am - 7pm. Parking is free on the weekends. 

Refund Policy: Campus Recreation will not issue refunds for day passes, nor for any membership that has been used at least once.

  • Alumni Membership
  • Francis Parker Employee Membership
  • Minor (ages 12 - 17 years) Membership