Being a Student

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Helpful 2020-21 Dates for Out-of-State Students

Please check back soon for an updated calendar of important dates!

Creating a Plan for Homesickness

Being away from home for an extended period of time commonly causes feelings of homesickness. The Center for Health and Wellness Promotion has created a list of ways to manage these feelings and serves as a resource for more pressing concerns.


While drivers licenses from other states are accepted for driving purposes, students from beyond California may want to consult the California Driver Handbook to ensure that you are aware of California's driving laws.

Getting Connected on Campus

This resource is currently being developed. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit Student Involvement!

Get Connected with OOS Students/Faculty/Staff List

USD has a growing number of faculty, staff, and student leaders who are from states beyond California. If you would like to get connected with one of them, please visit our Out-of-State Ambassadors page or our Out-of-State Student Leader, Faculty, and Staff List.

Get Involved Off-Campus

San Diego is a large, bustling city that offers a multitude of opportunities to engage with the wider San Diego community. Below are some opportunities that we encourage you to explore!
  • USD Student Bucket List (This resource is currently being developed. Please check back later in the fall semester!)
  • Restaurants Recommended by the Out-of-State Ambassadors (This resource is currently being developed. Please check back later in the fall semester!)
  • University Ministry Service Trips
  • City of San Diego Events Calendar

Identity-Related Support

As you progress through your journey as a USD student, you may desire resources that are specific to one or more of your identities as a person. Here are some of the centers and offices where you can find dedicated resources!

Resources for Being in San Diego During Breaks

Sometimes, students from beyond California are unable to return to their home state during Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, and/or Spring Breaks. Check back later in the semester for resources to help you make the most out of your time in San Diego during Fall and Thanksgiving Breaks!


While you are a student in California, you may want to continue voting in your home state or city's elections. Voting absentee can be done either via mail or in person. Alternatively, you may elect to re-register as a voter in California. For more information, please visit either USD Votes or