Out-Of-State Faculty, Staff, and Student Leaders

In building the University of San Diego's community from beyond California, we have assembled a list of faculty, staff, and student leaders who come to San Diego from other states. Click on a person's name to find out more about them!

If you would like to be included in this list, please fill out our Google Form. Student leaders are encouraged to fill out the form as well!
  • Alec Parks, Campus Recreation
  • Amanda Etter, Military & Veterans Program
  • Carrington Lemon, Residence Life
  • Casey Dominguez, College of Arts & Sciences, Political Science and International Relations
  • Cheryl Getz, School of Leadership & Education Sciences, Leadership Studies
  • Chris-Marcus Kitchings, Community and Leadership Development
  • Darla Laatsch, Student Health
  • Jeffrey Cirillo, Campus Recreation
  • Joe Lasley, Residential Education, School of Leadership & Education Sciences
  • Michael Lovette-Colyer, University Ministry
  • Melissa Sheil, Residential Education
  • Sabrina Nelson, Residential Education
  • Scott Thomas, Residence Life
  • Sean Horrigan, Student Affairs