Homecoming and Family Week Community Service Project: Oct. 2 - 19


Homecoming and Family Week Community Service Project: Oct. 2 - 19
USD is excited to partner with Meals on Wheels for a Homecoming and Family Week community service project! Please help us contribute to a wonderful organization as we also celebrate Homecoming and Family Week 2020 at home.
Meals on Wheels programs are facing unprecedented challenges as they work to serve a growing number of high-risk older Americans. These vulnerable seniors are at the greatest risk amid the  COVID-19 pandemic with many being isolated from their loved ones and unable to go out in public.
We are looking for our community to participate and help make this a success! You can participate in one of these two official projects together with your friends or family. 
  • Send a card. Seniors love hand-written cards.  A note of encouragement, a drawing, or even a poem can help brighten the day of an isolated senior.  This is a project the whole family can join!
  • Send a "We Care" Package. Many seniors can't leave their homes to do their weekly shopping.  Please consider putting a special gift bag together to show a senior we care.
For more information about these projects such as where to mail the cards, suggested items, where to drop off the package, or other ways to support, please visit our Homecoming and Family Week Community Service page.
With your help, many seniors in the San Diego community will feel loved and cared for during these challenging times!


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