USD Believes in its Women of Impact


USD Believes in its Women of Impact

The 21st annual Women of Impact demonstrated one of the best ways in which the University of San Diego relishes the presence, power and celebration of female students, staff, faculty, administrators and their leadership within our campus community and beyond.


Presented by the USD Women's Commons, the Nov. 29 event presented this year's theme, "Believe Us," from many powerful perspectives.

Undergraduate alumna and current Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies graduate student and USD employee Soroya Rowley sang a song and played guitar. Alanah Winston, sophomore undergraduate student, did a spoken word poetry piece. There was acknowledgement and blessing for USD's campus being on Kumeyaay Indian land and a keynote speech by Dr. Karen Shelby, an adjunct professor and assistant director of USD's Institute for Civil Civic Engagement, who touched on the "Believe Us" theme and spoke of many successes during the recent midterm elections that produced an inclusive female wave of new leaders and how it is an opportunity for hope going forward.

From there, the nominees for Women of Impact Awards in the categories of undergraduate student, graduate student, faculty, staff and administrator, were introduced. Following recognition to all nominees, the winners of each category were announced, embraced by Women Commons Director Erin Lovette-Colyer and she then shared comments from their anonymous nominator on why they'd been selected.

This year's winners are Nyla Vivas (undergraduate), Lauren Wong (graduate), Professor of Theology and Religious Studies' Dr. Evelyn Kirkley (faculty), Tina Manabat, executive assistant, Department of Mathematics (staff) and Rhonda Harley, assistant director of career development, Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering (administrator).

All Women of Impact Award nominees in each category were:

Undergraduate Students: Vayunama Bawa, Jen Bounce, Maureen Cobile, Lyajiah Gilbert, Elisenda Guerra-Delgado, Riley Henning, Jacklyn Hughes, Juliana Lucena, Wendy Martinez, Sana Moezzi, Samantha O'Brien, Kauanoe Petrill-Abrojina, Sydney Pidgeon, Alicia Reyes, Kimberly Riveros, Alexandra Rollings, Avery Sickler, Paulina Sierra, Adahli Trejo, Kendahl Tyburski, Nyla Vivas and Tiffany Zhang.

Graduate Students: Crystal Arnote, Darbi Berry, Marlene Brito-Millan, Jennifer Castro Garcia, Breana Clark, Delia Contreras, Becky Coulter, Jessica Dockstader, Hannah Gray-Chambers, Daniela Gurgol, Rebecca Heywood, Ana Maria Dominguez, Stefanie Marques Jordao, Tanisha-Jean Martin, Miranda Nuevo, Sophie Thomson, Laura Webber, Brigid Weintraub, Lauren Wong and Allie Ziesmer.

Faculty: Evelyn Diaz Cruz, MFA, Dr. Kate DeConinck, Dr. Jena Hales, Dr. Aarti Ivanic, Dr. Evelyn Kirkley, Persephone Lewis, Dr. Lynn McGrath, Dr. Candice Price, Dr. Emily Reimer-Barry, Dr. Amanda Ruiz, Dr. Karen Shelby, Dr. Lorri Sulpizio and Dr. Rebekah Wanic.

Staff: Esther Aguilar, Trudy Blackmon, Sandee Gutierrez, Tina Manabat, Brittany Salyers and Christine Watson.

Administrators: Ashley Adams, Stephanie Bernasconi, Jessica Boyle, Rachel Christensen, Annie Guanciale, Rhonda Harley, Parisa Ijadi-Maghsoodi, Jennifer Lee, Amanda Luckett, Kellie Nehring, Carol Norman, Pauline Powell, Debbie Rider, Manda Sayegh, Kelsey Schultz, Barbara Zackowski and Samantha Przywitowski.

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